The Best Steam Mops of 2023

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Modern problems require modern solutions.

Gone are the days where you’d need a bucket, a brush, and loads of elbow grease to scrub your floors and make them squeaky clean. Today, you can buy a steam mop that’ll do all of that without tiring you or taking up your precious hours.

But with a diverse selection of steam mops, you are now faced with the struggle of which one to choose. Well, worry not! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best steam cleaners with various features so you can pick the one that suits you the most.

Continue reading to learn more about the best steam mops of 2021 that you can get your hand on!



  • Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 125 inches
  • Weight: 8.28 pounds
  • Digital steam settings
  • Automatic on/off depending on the level of the tank
  • 2 modes for effective cleaning
  • 16.5-foot cord for power that allows work flexibility
  • 1100 Watt power rating
  • 410 mL water capacity
  • Automatic stand-by mode


  • Easily maneuverable to reach tight and tricky spots
  • A free carpet glider comes with the product
  • Option to deep clean the carpet
  • Vibration function to clean effectively
  • Freestanding design makes it easier to store
  • Takes only 45 seconds to heat up


  • Some customers reported faulty equipment
  • The mop is of average quality

The iwoly M11 Steam Mop is a highly effective and safe steam cleaner. This steam mop uses heated steam for cleaning floors without using harsh cleaning chemicals to harm the floor, the carpets, or you.

The design makes it safe to be used on all kinds of floors, tile, wood, and carpets. The steam mop comes with a carpet glider that can be used to strip your carpet of dirt and smelly odor and to give it a brand new look.

The design of this steam mop allows easy maneuverability, so you can easily steam clean those tricky spots with perfection. Another good feature of the iwoly M11 Steam Mop is that it can automatically shift into standby mode when placed vertically on the ground.

It comes with a 16.5 feet power cord that can easily be wrapped around the body’s hook or used when steam cleaning at a distance from the electrical outlet.

The product stores around 410 mL of water and takes less than 45 seconds to heat up and generate steam. It comes with digital controls and two modes for steam output, making it a strong contender for the best steam mop on the market right now.



  • Dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Digital steam control
  • 2 scented disks for a pleasant smell
  • 2- year warranty
  • 25-foot power cord that allows work flexibility
  • 12 Ampere power rating
  • 16-ounce water container
  • Low-profile mop head


  • Disinfects the floor effectively
  • Takes 30 seconds to warm up
  • Lightweight and compact
  • A built-in spot boost brush to eliminate tough stains and build-up
  • Leaves a refreshing scent after cleaning
  • Affordable and freestanding product


  • The machine doesn’t come with an automatic cord rewind option
  • No on/off button

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe 1806 is one of the best, effective, and powerful steam mops you can buy. The model offers state-of-the-art design and features to give you the desired results.

This steam mop has a built-in spot boost brush that removes tough, greasy, and sticky stains effectively and easily, all the while disinfecting the floor that cleans 88.95% of germs.

The device is designed to leave a soothing and refreshing scent as you clean your house.

The water tank holds 16 ounces of liquid and comes with a measuring cup attached to the mop’s handle. This can be used to refill water.

The steam mop has a carpet glider that effectively cleans the carpet with hot steam output that takes 30 seconds to heat up

This steam mop can clean several different hard floors such as tiled bathroom floors, wood, marble, granite, and carpets.

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe 1806 is designed to maneuver properly, allowing you to clean tough to reach spots easily. It comes with a freestanding design that makes it easier to store when not in use. It also has a low-profile mop head.

So if you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use steam mop that is affordable and loaded with good features, this is the one for you.



  • Dimensions: 47.1 x 13.8 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 5.78 pounds
  • 2 dirt grip pads
  • 3-level electronic steam controls
  • Dual-sided steam pocket pad
  • 22-foot cord for power that allows work flexibility
  • 350 mL water capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up


  • No-touch reusable pads that are easy to clean
  • Steam blaster
  • Direct steam channeling through the mop head
  • Comes with a water flask and dirt grip pads


  • Leaves streaks on the floors
  • No tool for hard scrubbing
  • The swivel can be a bit difficult to handle

The SharkNinja Shark Genius Hard Floor steam mop is a one of its kind high-tech device that is loaded with features for effective floor cleaning.

The steam mop comes with two grip pads that provide extreme dirt removal and are washable and reusable.

You can remove the pads by simply pulling a lever below the handle that releases the mop pads right into the wash hamper without dirtying your hands.

A 350 mL tank comes with a flask attached to the hook for refilling. The takes 30 seconds to turn into steam and can reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit when fully heated.

It comes with 3 electronic steam controls that allow you to choose from light mopping to deep floor cleaning.

The SharkNinja Shark Genius Hard Floor comes with a 22-foot power cord that allows you to clean long spaces without worrying about finding a power source.

The mop has a steam blaster that uses steam directly from the mop head through a channel to allow proper cleaning of tough stains.

There is a swivel maneuvering system for cleaning difficult spaces without much trouble. It sanitizes the floors while using the steam to clean.



  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 28.6 x 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • 3-level steam system
  • 1500 Watts power rating
  • Washable microfiber pads
  • 23-foot cord for power that allows work flexibility
  • 16 ounces removable water storage
  • 2-year warranty
  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up


  • Easy scrubber and soft mop pad dual mop attachments
  • Optional fragrance disks to leave a pleasant scent
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Antimicrobial protection in the microfiber mopping pads


  • Mop pad can loosen pretty fast
  • Only works on hard flooring
  • Doesn’t come with a base to rest during cleanup

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 is a handy piece of high-quality machinery with numerous features to provide the best cleaning performance.

The mop deep cleans all types of hard floors without using harsh cleaning chemicals that destroy the floors and are also hazardous to the environment.

It comes with three steam settings of high, medium, and low based on your requirements. It can effectively clean the floors while disinfecting them only with steam.

The product comes with microfiber soft scrubby pads along with an optional extra fragrance disk that not only deeps clean the floors but also leaves a soothing scent behind in your home.

A 23-foot power cord along with a swivel action allows you to reach those tricky spots without much elbow grease.

A removable tank that can hold 16 ounces of water is attached to the mop to generate steam. It takes 30 seconds to heat up. This is very effective in cleaning tough spots in conjunction with a flip-down scrubber.

This lightweight, high-tech steam mop comes with a 2-year limited warranty with a 1500 watt power rating, along with the option of buying extra accessories to give a premium user experience at an affordable price tag.



  • Dimensions: 8.07 x 9.45 x 23.94 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Built-in handheld steam cleaner
  • Four brushes
  • Washable pads
  • 3 adjustable steam levels
  • 340 mL water capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up


  • Safe to use on multiple surfaces
  • The handheld steamer can easily clean other areas of your house
  • Comes with an assortment of accessories to clean thoroughly
  • Several good features for an affordable price
  • The mop pads are washable and reusable


  • The power cord is quite short
  • The brushes supplied are not durable in the long run
  • The handheld steamer can feel a bit heavy for daily use

The PurSteam ThermaPro Steam Mop is a top-notch steam mop with 10-in-1 high-tech features that make cleaning easy and fun!

The unit comes with a window cleaner, straight and bent nozzles, four nylon brushes for scrubbing and two washable and reusable steam mop cleaning pads.

It also includes a detachable handheld steamer that is best to deep clean other parts of your house, such as your couch, windows, and even your clothes.

Despite the added features and accessories, this PurSteam cleaner is quite affordable and lasts long even with regular use.

The water takes 30 seconds to heat up and eliminates 99.9% of germs.

The mop works well with all floorings and can effectively clean carpets without using any dangerous chemicals. In that sense, this mop is child-and pet-friendly.

It has three adjustable steam levels to manage the steam’s intensity when cleaning, and it’s easy to maneuver to attack those tight spots.

If you want an affordable, multipurpose, lightweight, and efficient steam cleaner, the PurSteam ThermaPro Steam Mop is the right choice for you.



  • Dimensions: 14 x 9.5 x 46.5 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Built-in handheld steam cleaner
  • 25-feet cord
  • Washable pads
  • 1500W power rating
  • 12 ounces water storage
  • 2-year warranty
  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up


  • Come with multiple tools to clean different objects
  • Can clean your floors, stoves as well as your clothes effectively
  • It has a long cord so you can clean your house easily


  • Susceptible to breaking easily
  • It is a bit expensive considering the quality

The Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop is one of the best steam cleaner. It is a handheld device attached to many different brushes and cleaners to effectively clean your floors, stoves, counters, bathrooms, and carpets by simply switching the attachment.

This mop comes with a scraping tool, a grout tool, a bristle brush for scrubbing, an angled nozzle to clean the corners and small spaces, a flat surface cleaner, a slim extension tool to clean the floors, and a steamer tool.

It has an on-board storage kit to carry the additional tools while you’re cleaning. On top of that, it has a 25-feet cord so you can clean any difficult spots in your house with ease.

When you turn on the device, it flashes a blue light to indicate heat up. This only takes about 30 seconds, and the light stops flashing to indicate that the steamer is ready to use.

The Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop comes with a pause setting and a safety lock on the steamer to avoid any mishaps.

Overall this is a good steam cleaner for most cleaning jobs. However, we’re not sure if the price is justified considering the quality.



  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 9.1 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • 20-feet cord
  • 360 rotation angle
  • 1150W power rating
  • 8.88 ounces water storage
  • 1-year warranty
  • Takes 20 seconds to heat up


  • Fast heat-up time
  • Small, lightweight, but a powerful steam cleaner
  • Can heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit to remove tough stains


  • Low water capacity
  • Carpet glider needs to be purchased separately
  • Doesn’t come with additional cleaning pads

This LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Mop Cleaning Steamer is one of the best steam mops available on the market today. It is good for thoroughly cleaning hardwood floors, tile floors, carpeted floors, and vinyl. All the while protecting the delicate finishes on the floors.

This superfast cleaner only takes about 20 seconds to heat up and release steam up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and works best to kill 99.95% of the germs while removing grease and grime.

It has a 360-degree maneuvering ability that allows you to clean your house in all directions, while the cornered design lets you get in those tough edges and scrub hardened stains.

An additional purchase of a carpet glider will make it easier to clean your carpet properly and leave it feeling new and soft.

This mop has a 20-feet long power cable to ensure that you can clean hard-to-reach areas without worrying about cord length.

The mop has an 8.8-ounce tank that can be filled with the flask supplied with the cleaner to generate steam.

This lightweight floor steamer has a telescopic handle to help you move around comfortably while you clean.



  • Dimensions: 11 x 9.75 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 10.6 pounds
  • 25-feet cord
  • Steamer and vacuum cleaner
  • 1500W power rating
  • 12.8 ounces water capacity
  • 2-year warranty
  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up


  • Easily maneuverable to reach tight and tricky spots
  • A free carpet glider comes with the product
  • Option to deep clean the carpet
  • Vibration function to clean effectively
  • Freestanding design makes it easier to store
  • Takes only 45 seconds to heat up


  • No on/off switch
  • Doesn’t work very well with carpeted floors as there’s no carpet glider provided

The high-tech Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner is a great device for those who require steam and vacuuming action in one product.

The touch-free model has a drop-it tank that dumps the dirt without getting your hands dirty. There is also a pet model that comes with disposable pads.

In addition to this, the product comes with a soft mop and a scrubbing pad, both of which are washable and reusable. It has a booster tray that enhances the steam and has four disposable stem boosting cleaning pads.

The mop is good for cleaning sealed granite, marble, linoleum, ceramic, and hardwood floors without causing any damage.

A 12.8-ounce container generates steam in around 30 seconds for effective cleaning and can be refilled with a flask supplied with the package.

To use this dual steam mop/vacuum, it needs to be assembled after unboxing. However, the assembly only takes around 10 minutes.

The vacuum cleaner has powerful suction devices that clean all the loose debris in your house. This means that it can even clean large clumps of pet hair if you have furry friends in your house.



  • Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • 16.6-feet cord
  • 1500W power rating
  • 54 ounces water storage
  • ETL certified in the USA and Canada
  • 50 PSI steam pressure
  • Takes 7 minutes to heat up


  • Can steam at high pressure for up to 50 minutes (due to water tank capacity)
  • It is compatible with all types of floorings
  • Can work with only tap water; no need to buy any fancy distilled water
  • Comes with many attachments that can clean any surface


  • Tends to spray water along with steam which is not very effective
  • Long heating time (you need to wait around 20 minutes for the next session)
  • Short handle

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is a portable device with an extra-long cord attachment that allows you to clean without the need to unplug and replug constantly.

It comes with a 54-ounce water tank with a built-in funnel system that makes it easier to fill without any spillage.

The accessories that come with this steam cleaner include a rectangular tool for cleaning the floors, a window cleaner, three microfiber pads with a microfiber cloth, a brass brush, five nylon brushes, a triangular floor tool, and a scent spreading disk.

One great thing about this product is that it doesn’t need any cleaning solution or distilled water (which you can easily forget to buy). Instead, you could simply use water from the tap to fill up the water tank.

The water tank is quite large and can hold up to 54 ounces that take around 7 minutes to heat, and can deliver 50 minutes of cleaning time by providing low moisture steam superheated to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.



  • Dimensions: 6 x 13 x 46.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • 25-feet cord
  • 1500W power rating
  • 15.2 ounces water capacity
  • Comes with a bundle of 12 tools
  • Superheated steam at 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 3 level steam control system


  • Comes with a carpet glider kit, reusable microfiber cleaning pads and a flask
  • A freestanding unit
  • It can be converted into a handheld steamer
  • It has LED lights that illuminate the cleaning area


  • Small cleaning head
  • Some consumers find the product quality to be subpar
  • It can leave streaks on the floor

The Sienna Luna Steam Mop is one of the best steam mops with a multipurpose handheld cleaner that comes in a bundle with 12 tools to take care of all your cleaning needs.

It can become a makeshift counter cleaner that not only kills 99% of the bacteria, but it can also effectively clean all sort of debris.

It comes with a Micro Pulse Technology that uses 90 vibrations per second to break up the dirt and grime and effectively clean your floors with is eco-friendly microfiber washable cleaning pads.

There are LEDs installed on the cleaning head that helps you better see where you’re cleaning, while the superheated steam at 212 degrees Fahrenheit ensures that there are no bacteria or stains left behind.

Along with all the high-tech features, it also comes with a carpet glider that deep cleans your carpets and leaves them feeling soft and brand new.

The extra tools include a flask, two reusable pads, a concentrator nozzle for targeted use, an extension for the hose, four nylon and two brass scrubbing brushes, and a steam mop head packed in a bag with a shoulder strap to carry it.

The Luna mop also has three intensity levels for the steam that enable you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


To pick the best steam mops for your house, it is important to decide which features you require the most.

If you have limited space, a mop with a tank will just take up unnecessary storage area. If you have pets or kids, you need to make sure that your product is child/pet-friendly; otherwise, your little ones can get hurt.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something on our list that fits your needs and is within your budget.