Many problems can make a steam mop not work, but most of them are easily rectified. This article will show you how to fix your broken steam mop, and it will just take a few minutes.

Steam Mop

The steam mop is a device to clean the floors quickly. The steam from the mop cleans and kills germs on the floor. Steam mops are highly efficient and quiet, but they also have short operating ranges. Before using the steam mop, read your manual thoroughly and never be tempted to use it upside down because you risk drying out your floor or may damage it.

Blockage Problems

The most common cause of a steam mop that is not working is a blockage. The steam mop works with water, and you must make sure that your water tank has fresh water and no other material. There is a filter at the bottom of the tank, which may become clogged if you use a hard or dirty refill. It is vital to empty your steam mop before using it for the first time, so always give it a run without turning on the steam for two to three minutes till all the water is drained out; this will prevent any blockages.

Reasons for the Blocking of Steam Mop

These are some of the reasons why steam mop problems can occur. If your steam mop will not generate steam, the water boils’ heating plate is likely blocked. When the mop is blocked, it can be because of:
water leakage from a leak in the pipe. A blockage at the end of the pipe between the nozzle and the boiler. A blockage in a hose leading to a range. A blockage at any other point in between. 

How to Fix Blocked Steam Mop

The steam mop, if it doesn’t steam, you must do this to fix it. Steam mop, not steaming problems, is very easy to diagnose as long as you can read your manual carefully and know what you are doing.
Follow this simple procedure and avoid further damage to your steam mop and floor
If the water is not reaching the heating plate, it cannot turn into steam, and therefore you must reset the temperature level manually. To do this: Remove the faceplate of your device, located under one of the front legs or in a compartment underneath it. You will find a series of buttons and controls that allow you to adjust temperature levels or change modes from continuous steam to continuous spray. In some models, different values are indicated by a color indicator light system (red indicates maximum). In case of easily found and accessed blockages, you can use a small screwdriver to push the obstruction down toward the outlet nozzle. If your steam mop was working and suddenly there is no steam, then it is likely that the tank has run out of water or water has boiled away and is no longer reaching the heating plate. In this case, turn off your mop and wait for a few minutes so that the boiler cools down. When you have already done these things to fix your steam mop, if it did not work, then try using a vacuum cleaner without a brush attachment to suck out any remaining dust bunnies from inside the nozzle area – this will likely solve most of your problems.

How to Clean Your Steam Mop

  1. The first thing to do is pull the power cord out of the base. Then remove the detachable water tank from the top and remove the filter cup (usually unscrews). Clean both with a rag and water. Make sure all water has been drained from all components; they can rust. If there are any small parts, use a toothbrush and brush thoroughly for several minutes to remove any built-up grime altogether.
  2. Then, take the spray head and water hose off, clean with the same method. When all parts are dry, reassemble.
  3. Now, set the steam mop on its base and ensure it is level and free from any loose parts or debris. Fill up the reservoir back to the maximum line.
  4. Please turn on the unit and let it heat up for about 5 minutes while putting away everything used to clean your steam mop. Then give the pump a few suitable pumps to start circulating water through all the components, then leave it to sit for another 5 minutes so that its temperature reaches its hottest point (not too hot though, as this could damage some of the plastic.
  5. Now, take a clean rag or paper towel and wipe down the face of the mop. This will prevent sticking and allow it to glide freely. Your steam mop is ready to use.

Other Tips You Can Try

Clean the steam mop every week. If you don’t use it for a while, it could have dust build upon it, which should be removed. Please take off the plastic water container and make sure all the water is out of it. It’s also a good idea to run small amounts of water through the wand to remove any sediment or grime. Be careful not to leave standing water in the reservoir for a long time because this could cause damage to your steam mop and cause problems like warping. If using vinegar spray on your nozzle, make sure you do not leave vinegar anywhere other than your steam mop, as this can eat metal.


It is imperative to empty the reservoir and clean the nozzle after every use. Otherwise, all the junk will dry up and form a big clog that can damage your steam mop. Steam mops can also be very expensive, so it is crucial to take care of them. Make sure you do not expose the steam mop to harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine. When your mop is too hot, steam cannot evaporate from the water, and the mop itself can burn or break. This happens when the water in the reservoir gets too hot, causing a chemical reaction that will not allow the steam to escape. Be sure to note how hot it feels on your skin and be very careful never to get it too hot as this can be very dangerous. The safest way to use your steam cleaner is with a test run before you even use it for real. You should spray water through all the components to make sure that everything functions properly.

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An excellent way to prevent steam mop problems is to have a regular serviceman to do your maintenance. Just ask him to come at least once a month for basic cleaning, filter change, and any other problems that may present themselves. It is far cheaper than buying another one and going through the hassle of getting it fixed. Or, if you want to fix it by yourself, follow these simple steps; you can quickly fix the steam mop if blocked. It does not take too much time. You can fix and use it again.