Steam cleaner myths have been perpetuated for years by people who have not actually used a steamer. Some myths include using a steam cleaner on rough surfaces, using it to unclog pipes, and most importantly, it is good for only fabrics.

Top Five Myths of Steam Cleaners

Myth 1: Steam is only good for carpets and fabrics 

Steamers are great for different surfaces in your home. You can use a steam cleaner to get the dust and grime off your toilet, shower, kitchen countertops and appliances. Also, a steamer can be used to get water behind a toilet, clean the inside of a dishwasher or clothes dryer and can be used on hardwood floors. 

Myth 2: Steam cleaners do not clean grout

Steamers can be used to clean grout on a tile floor. If you have grout that has been stained over time, the steam machine will loosen that stain. You have to scrub the grout just like you would on any other surface in your home. 

Myth 3: Steamers are only good for regular cleaning

There is no reason to use a steamer for regular cleaning, but you can use it to clean spots. You can use steam to remove stains on carpets, upholstery, and clothes. Steam cleaning is an ideal option for individuals who have issues regarding their health, i.e. back and neck pains. Also, you can use a steamer to get stuck-on food off of dishes, pans and appliances.

Myth 4: Steamers cannot clean a toilet

You can use a steamer to clean a toilet. This machine can easily get into the small areas of a toilet that normal cleaners cannot move into. Use it with care as it can get damaged. 

Myth 5: Steam cleaners are dangerous to use

Steam cleaners do not produce enough pressure to clean surfaces, unlike other power cleaners. Moreover, steamers are safe for use in homes and offices. However, it is important to read the instruction manual before use. Also, there are some precautions that you need to undertake while using this machine. 

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In conclusion, steam cleaners can be a great product for removing dust, mold and other types of cleaning tasks. Despite myths that circulate, they remain an essential part of any household. However, they are not an all-powerful tool for cleaning purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a steam cleaner?

A. A steam cleaner is a cleaning device that uses water and heat to remove dirt, dust and grime from any surface. You can get them in both portable and regular versions.

Q. How does a steam cleaner function?

A. A steam cleaner creates high-pressure water out of ordinary tap water. It then injects this water with heat energy, causing it to boil into a “mist” or vapor. This vapor rises and is used to clean different surfaces. 

Q. How can a steamer clean differently from a normal cleaner?

A. A steam cleaner is a lot harsher and is used to remove stains, grime and even industrial grime. It also works on hard surfaces such as floors, tile, and countertops that normal cleaners cannot reach.  

Q. What are some of the top brands that produce steam cleaners?

A. Some of the top brands are Eureka, Hoover, McCulloch, Bissell and Rowenta.